Tax Support Services

The Baker team offers two decades of experience in providing tax, accounting, and financial leadership.

Running a small business demands that you wear multiple hats each day.  You make dozens of decisions each day to improve the efficiency of what you do.  When every hour of your day is so valuable, you have to structure your day wisely.  If configuring the payroll for your employees is one hat you wear, let Baker take this off of your hands to free up valuable time.

Baker offers bookkeeping payroll services for small businesses in the Evansville area, including direct deposit and state/federal tax reporting.  Our payroll service for small business can additionally assist clients with various forms of tax returns as needed.  Let our accounting software go to work for you!

What Bookkeeping Services Does Your Business Need?

  • Direct deposit payroll
  • State and federal tax reporting
  • Monthly, quarterly, and year-end federal, state, and local returns
  • Federal and state excise, sales, and motor fuel tax returns
  • Monthly bookkeeping services utilizing best-in-class accounting software
Let Baker Manage Your Business Accounting Needs
Contact the Baker team today to set up any or all of the services mentioned above for your Indiana, Illinois, or Kentucky business.