Long Term Care Insurance

Families rely on Baker Retirement & Wealth Management

When your loved ones reach the age of needing long-term care, you have a myriad of decisions to make.  Finding the best long-term care scenario is at the top of your list.  Let Baker scratch a few items off of your to-do list by helping you anticipate and prepare for long term and home health care expenses in the Evansville Tri-State area.

Find the Best Policy for Your Family’s Needs

If traditional long-term care best fits your objectives, one of our long-term care insurance brokers can help you select and structure the best policy for you.  Since every situation is different, our years of experience will help you tailor the best policy for your family’s needs.   We want to make sure you know all the options before plunging into a policy.  We can help you analyze alternatives to long-term care if they better match your objectives.

For Indiana residents, we can check if the Indiana Partnership Long Term Care Insurance Policy is appropriate.  You have options that we can help you weigh:  dollar for dollar or total asset protection. If you reside in Kentucky or Illinois, we are ready to explain multiple choices for you as well.

Talk to Someone that Can Help
We’re ready to walk with you as you make these difficult family decisions.