So, you’ve decided that you don’t want to file your own taxes or rely on an online tool. You’d rather work with a human being who can answer your questions in real time and help you file your tax return correctly. Or maybe you did your own taxes or purchased an online tool to file your return and you’ve received a notice letter from the IRS.

There are various professionals who can prepare your taxes, but there are a number of things to consider when searching for an Indiana tax preparer. In this post, we’ll take a look at factors to evaluate as you conduct your search process.

What Should I Consider When Looking for a Tax Preparer?

What is the number one thing to look for in a tax preparer? Availability. Is this person going to be around throughout the year, or are they only working through tax season? When a tax notice arrives in the mail, will the tax preparer be around to help you? Choose someone who is in the tax business day-in and day-out.

How long has the tax preparer been practicing? What type of experience and certifications do they have? You want someone with strong experience, especially when dealing with the IRS.

Prices will vary, but don’t make your decision solely on this factor. Instead, sit down with the tax preparer and ask some questions about taxes. Did you receive satisfactory answers? Does the individual seem knowledgeable and comfortable with answering your tax questions? If they don’t answer your question, maybe they don’t understand it. You cannot assume that everyone that sits across the desk from you knows how to prepare a tax return. If you’re not satisfied with the answers, continue your search process.

Certified Public Accountants have professional responsibilities, so if they advertise tax preparation services you can be fairly certain that they have an understanding of tax law. Enrolled agents are tested by the IRS, which means that at one point they had a certain body of tax knowledge. Hopefully they kept it up; ask about experience and continuing education.

What Happens if I Receive a Tax Notice?

The IRS sends out numerous automated tax notices each year. If you receive one of these tax notices, how will your tax preparer help you? Is managing a tax notice included in your tax preparation services or is there an additional charge?

The majority of tax notices have no basis, but there are serious consequences if you don’t respond. The IRS can levy your wages or file liens against you even if the tax notice shouldn’t have been filed. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you can rely on your tax preparer to help you. When you work with someone who understands what they’re doing, they’re going to deal with it differently than somebody who doesn’t.

Typically when individuals deal with the IRS or the Indiana Department of Revenue, they’re automatically nervous and defensive. It can be a scary thing. That’s why it’s smart to work with someone who understands tax law and can help you resolve your tax notice letter. Sometimes this can be as simple as sending another form or answering a question. But if you receive a notice letter saying that you owe $40,000 in taxes, you’re going to want an experienced tax preparer to help you resolve the issue.

Indiana Tax Preparer

Whether you’ve received a notice letter or simply want to file your taxes with a professional, the tax preparation experts at Baker Retirement and Wealth Management, PC are here for you.

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