Accounting & Tax for Farmers

Farm Accounting & Tax Services

While GPS and GMOs have simplified some areas of your life, the farming profession continues to become more complex.  Farmers of each generation face unique challenges.  Today, while looking to the future, you may be concerned with short-term and long-term challenges facing your farm in the Tri-State area.

We understand.  Baker Retirement & Wealth Management is rooted in the Midwest, serving farmers in Southern Indiana, Illinois, and Western Kentucky.  Jeff Baker, President, comes from a farming family and can relate to the many issues farmers experience.  With so many of the issues farmers face being out of your control, let Baker step in and assist you.

How Does Baker Help Farmers?

With a wide range of services offered under one roof, Baker is your one-stop-shop for tax and business services.

  • Tax Planning & Support – Considering the property and assets you deal with, simply gathering the documents to prepare your taxes feels like a job in itself.  Baker will provide superior tax planning, preparation, and support for your operation.
  • Business Services – Allow Baker to provide expert bookkeeping and accounting services.  We can manage your books, so you can stay focused on the crops.
  • Single Point of Contact – When your profession requires you to utilize every minute of the day, the convenience of a single point of contact helps you get the job done.  Baker can consolidate your tax & business services into one knowledgeable team.
Let Us Help You With Your Tough Decisions
When considering something as precious as the family farm, you need partners who understand where you’ve been and where you’re going.