Tax Planning

Tax PlanningIt’s not just big corporations or high net worth individuals who need to develop game plans for taxes.  If you have a small business or intend to leave an inheritance to loved ones, you need a tax plan too.  Do you have a strategic plan?  What have you done?

With over 26 years in the industry, our tax planning consultants have the practical knowledge and experience to help your family or business.  None of us can predict the future, but the Baker team can help you be prepared financially.  By helping clients from Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky plan for future tax liabilities, the Baker team can assist you in anticipating and adjusting expenditures.  This ensures clients can maximize use of their assets.

“For over two decades, the Baker team has provided the tri-state area with reliable tax services.”

Plan for Future Tax Liabilities

As you approach retirement, decisions about money become increasingly more important.  You’ve built up a nest egg, but what is your strategy for taking income distributions without placing an undue tax burden on yourself?  The Baker team works with clients to manage income distributions from retirement and investment accounts, ensuring you draw the amount you need while keeping taxes low.

Navigating the Tax Implications of Your Legacy

Many clients also feel an obligation to their family and heirs for when they are no longer living.  Baker routinely works with clients to structure estates that minimize taxes and ensure heirs get the largest inheritance possible.

Get Started on Your Tax Game Plan

You can’t afford to leave these important issues to chance. Whether you have business tax questions or seek personal tax advice, get a plan today!  We serve communities all over the Tri-State including Owensboro, Madisonville, Jasper, and Tell City, so call us at (812) 842-2254 to see how we can help you prepare.

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