Impact on Entrepreneurs

ObamaCare, also referred to as the Affordable Care Act, has been impacting Americans since it was initially passed in March 2010. The act has seen several revisions since that time and continues to evolve. ObamaCare directly impacts taxes and finances for many individuals, particularly the self-employed.

In this post, we discuss how the self-employed are being impacted by the Act.

What’s the Impact on the Self-Employed?

You’ve likely heard about it on the news. Most plans have been cancelled, forcing citizens who are self-employed or who do not get employer insurance to go to a federal exchange (also referred to as the Marketplace).

By purchasing from the exchange, these individuals can avoid any “shared responsibility payments.” In otherwords, they will not be charged a health insurance penalty when filing their tax return. Small employers who purchase insurance from the exchange may also have the potential to receive a tax credit.

However, self-employed individuals (or those who do not receive insurance from their employer) may owe a penalty if they fail to acquire coverage. For more information about the Affordable Care Act penalty, contact a tax professional such as the team at Baker Retirement & Wealth Management, P.C.

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