Searching for an Indiana CPA (certified public accountant) doesn’t have to be a “taxing” process.

In this post, we’ll explore questions to ask yourself when evaluating CPAs.

Does Your CPA Ask Questions?

When choosing a CPA, you’ll want to find an individual who will take time to get to know you and your finances. Your CPA is an advocate and can work with you to ensure you receive all of the deductions that you qualify for. A quality CPA will also help you plan for the year ahead. CPAs should provide a higher level service than simply dropping off your W2 and coming back to pick up your tax return.

Enrolled agents, CPAs, and other tax preparers are required to follow the tax law under the Circular 230. If for some reason your tax preparer feels that the tax law is not appropriate, that must be disclosed on your tax return.

Can You Contact Your CPA?

When hiring a CPA, you want to find a professional who will represent you and make sure you are not violating any tax laws. You also want to be sure that you aren’t going to end up paying any more taxes than you owe.

But, perhaps the most important factor to consider when selecting a CPA is availability. What happens if you have a tax question or hit a stumbling block? Will your CPA be available to answer your questions? Will you be billed if you call their office with a simple tax question?

How Much Should a CPA Cost?

A good tax professional really shouldn’t cost anything. An experienced CPA should be able to offset his fees with tax knowledge. For example, a qualified tax professional may be able to identify tax credits (which reduce your taxes) and tax deductions (which reduce the percentage of your income that can be taxed) that you are unaware of.

Find a CPA

Here at Baker Retirement & Wealth Management PC, we have a policy that people can call in to our office and ask questions without receiving a bill. We care about our clients, and we’re here to advocate for their needs. Our customers are always welcome to contact us with their questions or concerns.

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