Tax Amnesty At a Glance

The Indiana Department of Revenue is offering a limited time tax amnesty program to help Hoosiers who owe unfiled taxes or outstanding tax liabilities from before January 1, 2013. The tax amnesty program applies to individuals as well as businesses. It allows Hoosiers to pay these taxes without having to pay interest, penalty fees, or collection fees. The tax amnesty program is only available from September 15 to November 16, 2015.

How Do I Participate in Indiana Tax Amnesty?

The Indiana Department of Revenue’s Tax Amnesty Program is a great opportunity for Hoosiers who have outstanding tax liabilities. There are two different ways to file for this program.

If you received a notice from the Indiana Department of Revenue stating that you are eligible for tax amnesty, you can use that notice to participate in the program. The notice includes your amnesty ID number as well as a voucher stating the amount that you owe. If you agree with the amount listed, you can simply make your payment to the Indiana Department of Revenue and include that voucher to get caught up. You will then be in complete compliance with the Indiana Department of Revenue.

If you have a problem with the amount listed or did not receive a notice, you will need to contact the Indiana Department of Revenue. Alternatively, you can contact a tax professional to help you work with the Indiana Department of Revenue. A tax professional can help you set up your amnesty ID number, contest the amount owed on your behalf, turn in prior tax returns, or even amend tax returns if that’s an option for you.

Do I Have to be an Indiana Resident?

You do not have to be a resident of the State of Indiana to be eligible for this program. If you have outstanding liabilities to the Indiana Department of Revenue that are from prior to January 1, 2013 and meet the program guidelines, you can take advantage of tax amnesty.

Tax Amnesty Help

Our team of professional tax experts at Baker Retirement & Wealth Management, P.C. can help you understand how Indiana’s tax amnesty program applies to you. Based in the greater Evansville area, we’ve been answering tax questions for nearly thirty years. If you’re located in Southwestern Indiana or another part of the state, give us a call or fill out the contact form on our website to reach us today. We work with clients from throughout Indiana including Terre Haute, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Vincennes, and beyond.

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