1031 Exchange Real Estate

1031 is a section of the Internal Revenue code, and it specifically addresses the exchange of income producing property. However, not all properties qualify for a 1031 exchange.

What Type of Property Qualifies?

There are some guidelines as to which property qualifies for a 1031 exchange. The income producing property doesn’t have to be real estate. The property can be business equipment, farm equipment, or even livestock. What it can’t be is your personal residence or personal assets.

Are 1031 Exchanges New?

Although some are unfamiliar with them, 1031 exchanges are not new. They have actually been around for a long time. Often times, however, 1031 exchanges are overlooked by consumers because real estate agents prefer to encourage two sales instead of one.

In addition, many Americans do not understand tax law. Like any section of the IRS code, 1031 exchanges can be complicated and must be done properly.

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